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The goal of our management services is to ensure the best possible return on your investment property. As an owner of income producing property you realize that profitable and efficient property management is becoming increasingly more complex and challenging while demanding technical legal knowledge, and skill. Our complete property management services provide our owners with peace of mind knowing that their properties are professionally managed. 

We use various media to advertise your property for lease. Online ads, yard signs and many other places of advertisement are used to attract most qualified prospective tenants for your property. 

We show our properties upon request. This allows us to keep a good eye on your property plus get feedback from prospective tenants on why they do or do not want to rent your property. 

Tenant Screening
We screen each prospective tenant prior to occupancy. We obtain a credit report and background checks on each individual as well as verifying with past landlords, and current employer prior to occupancy. While it’s important for us to keep your property occupied, experience shows that it is more important to be selective in a process of choosing a tenant. In the long run you will benefit because your tenant will probably stay longer and take better care of your investment. 

Inspections of each unit are done before and after each tenant. Regular drive by inspections are conducted as well as quarterly interior reviews. 

Rents are due on the first day of the month. We make reasonable attempt to cooperate with a good occupant, to insure rental payment. Should occupant become delinquent, our procedure is set by law to complete the eviction process and process late fees. 

We handle all repairs. We take all calls from tenants with repair issues. As a management company, we get very competitive pricing from our vendors. They appreciate the volume of work we give them, and in return give us good pricing and service. 

Financial Services
Easy to understand monthly financial statements are generated each month for you. Our service includes paying the expenses for your property. These payments are deducted from the rent collected. End of year statements are prepared to help you with your tax preparation. 


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